Author: Darrel Powell

How Outsourced Payroll Can Help Small Businesses Avoid Fraud

Payroll Services can help a small business to avoid all kinds of issues, from minor mishaps all the way to major tax audits and check fraud. Here we will be discussing some of the ways that this kind of service can help your business as well as other resources that you may find useful. Preventing […]

What Happens If You Fail to Remit Payroll Taxes?

If you are running a sole proprietorship or small and medium enterprises, or any large firm, you must have to pay taxes not only on your company’s earned profit but also on the employees’ payroll. Whether you are doing marketing or investment, related with financing activity or asset management you earn profit. Or if payroll […]

What is Payroll Accounting and What Are the Tools Used in Payroll Accounting?

There are many ways of taking care of your business’ financial needs in today’s world. From online payroll services to in-house payroll software, there are many ways to keep track of it all. Understanding the basics of payroll can help lead your business in the right direction. Defining Payroll Accounting In order to understand the […]